Reepicheeps diary Wintertale.

Once there was a time it was always winter, never summer.

Ooh what time that was! Cold, dimm and dark as time can be.

My feet would hurt due to the never melting snow. Taking a walk through the Narnian forests was kind a risky for a mouse like me. I used to wear boots those days. My righteous boots so to speak. I also got my cloak of honesty draped neatly around my shoulders. It covered me and protected me from the cold winds. My pinching sword would help me to get rid of enemies that would come too close to me and threatened me while on my way.

I remember i always was glad to come home again in Tumnus’ warm cave. Where we would sat down by the open fire and drink a cup of tea together. Telling stories about Aslan and the great Emperor. Hoping and praying to witness that day winter would flee and spring would set in.

There were a few times we thought it was about that close it would happen but mostly our expectations were wrong. We misinterpreted the sign of times we lived in. Or we simply became too eager or to selfish to read between the lines of time.

I think many of you readers will have the same experience today! I mean with the fascist right winged politics moving on in modern times. I must warn you though that keeping a fence around yourself is a way of voluntarily become imprisoned! There is no need for that but i see it happen as we speak day by day. O i love that time and place where the animals could talk. Even better you would be glad if you could understand what the animals were saying right now to humanity! O you should listen to them if you could. They are telling you the truth about keeping this world green and healthy instead of polluting it every day as you are all doing right now!

And there is no one in the human race who acknowledge that as a fact to act against!

I mean we do not see it happen soon and we should know about it like no one else! For we are animals ourselves! We can read nature and environment like no other creature on this earth can. We don’t have much expectations whatsoever for the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve in these matters. They all set to have lost the ability to listen to the trees, their weeping isn’t heard or understood anymore. And o how they weep day after day. They barely can breathe. because of the polluted air that surrounds them They barely can grow for the water they need is polluted as well.

And mankind keeps on investing in economics, prosperity wealth and all that on cost of nature itself. I am convinced that Aslan would not be satisfied with such haste to waste His creation.

Maybe that’s why we keep waiting for His second coming. The times they are a changing i hear one sing but maybe, just maybe the time isn’t right yet to start the big, the real, the all overwhelming change promised to us.

In the mean time i will put on my gloves of patience and go outside to the edge of the forest and keep guard. Yes i think that’s what i ‘d do!

Hail Aslan!

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