Talking to Tumnus

i just talked to mister Tumnus

while he was sitting in his cave

he was urging me to listen

to what he had to say

he told me how he once got saved

from a certain stone cold death

he didn’t realise what had happened

he just felt a lions breath

i didn’t believe him

i couldn’t agree

i wasn’t aware

of the moving tree

i asked him how on earth

one could be saved by breath

and how one can be turned

from stone to flesh again

He looked up from behind his desk

he smiled at me and said

you’re not looking for an answer

you’re not ready for it yet

Now if you don’t believe the rumours

about the Lion on the prowl

and if you’re not ready for the answers

your not ready for the bow

why don’t you ask me

how one can become a statue…

of the hardest stone

without a heart

without a soul

without a sound…

or tone

‘cause when that happens you’re in trouble

your in trouble deep

and you’ll only find salvation

when the Lion wakes you…

from your stone cold sleep

Look for the Lion who did smash the table

He wil provide in all your needs

Give Him your heart and follow

wherever that He leads.

Gepubliceerd door JUKODEVRIES


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