Walking Carrot of wandelende wortel

Mr T. Rump has a skin color and if you look closely it’s looking not that natural as he want’s us to believe. I’m not saying it is unnatural but it just could be. I’m not saying this I’m writing it down for you.. If you look closely you could see that around his eyes his skin could be just a little lighter. He could have been wearing protecting glasses when sprayed all over. It gives you the impression that he has been sprayed all over except his eyes. So how would he have done that? I do not say he has been sprayed all over though. I don’t know but but he could have been sprayed all over. We’ll never know for sure.

Mind my words I’m not saying it is but it could be. Anyway the color is terrific, it could be beautiful but it is terrific. It could be orange, the national color of the

Dutch! Anyway it gives you the impression America is led by a walking carrot. It’s not, but one could get that impression if one looks closely. Anyway it is great for America to become great again , at least that is what it could become if it truly wanted to. America could become great again if it would vote for the right color at the coming elections. And i presume that it’s not orange. Since i am not a Native American one would think: “What is he writing about, he has no right to do so!” Well if i wanted to i could become a real genuine immigrated American citizen . If i would follow the right procedures for it i just could be an American citizen. I’m not saying i am but i just could, if I’d wanted to. But i won’t so don’t be offended or scared. I really won’t. Stay healthy and concentrate on the coming elections. During corona time it’s hard enough to live a life that’s true.

Walking Carrot could be looking like mr T.rump.

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