I did a tremendous, fabulous job.

Mr T. Rump has claimed that he has done a tremendous fabulous job by closing the borders of his country in order to keep the virus out.

C.C. Seems to be applauding for himself.

In contrast to other countries who, didn’t, as he stated at his speech during the first rally since the outbreak of corona. His next suggestion could be him building a wall against the same virus and let the virus pay for it. In that matter he could be on the right path to keep America safe again and win the coming election. Miracles do happen you know. Maybe that’s the reason why he posed before a church with a bible in his hand lately, I’m not saying it is but you never know ,Mary a new miracle is in the making.

In the mean time seats seemed to have stayed empty. Also a miracle my eyes couldn’t believe when they saw it. What kind of miraculous force is behind the empty seats is still to be investigated. Rumor has it that Mr B.Olton has been asked to shine a light on that matter. It is still not confirmed wether he has accepted or not. But time will tell. As soon as your reporter has more news on this he will be back.

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